Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Happy better late than never new year

Well here we are, my late-happy new year post!!! And, only two weeks late!!!!!

I never claimed to be super woman :)

Anyway, as my very first blog post of the new year and my very first blog post for ZiggleBaby I have to admit I am so excited about all of the cool new things this year is going to bring! As many of you have had a chance to look through the new site and are just now awaiting your pretty new packages to arrive in the post let me shed some light on some of the things coming down the pipe, your new team and of course the fluff!!!!!
Lets start off first by introducing our line up shall we! Driving the bus we have our fearless leader Scott and his super awesome wife Tanya! Tanya is our customer service manager and also the one working very hard to get everything out to all of you amazing families on time and in good order! Scott and Tanya are also busy being hockey parents to three very cute kidlets.

Next in line you have my self, (Sher) I am here in lovely Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I look after all of the product design and development for the ZiggleBaby line, ecobumz line as well as scouring the juvenile products world for innovative products to bring to you in an effort to make your parenting lives easier. I look after the blogging and the social media for the most part as well:) I am a mother of two crazy and rambunctious but adorable little boys, an avid natural birth advocate, Birth Doula, Registered Massage Therapist and Child Birth Educator. I tend to consider myself one of those "crazy hippy" types and have no problem admitting that.

We also have our web guy Wayne here in Calgary. He's a dad and family man himself with 2 kids, now aged 9 and 13. I'm sure he'll tell you he 'misses' the days of changing diapers fondly....but he's likely lying! In any case, he knows well the things parents go through when raising young ones. Wayne's background is online marketing, having been in e-commerce for over a dozen years. In addition, Wayne is our pseudo-webmaster, responsible for getting our new website and online store up and running.

Now lets get to the good stuff! Lets talk fluff! I have a really hard time classifying this diaper because there isn't really any diaper or diaper style like it out there right now with a name. I guess that comes with the territory of being innovative! If you have had a chance to check our our YouTube video or peruse our website you will see exactly what I am talking about. Having the ability to fasten and fold the diaper ANYWHERE is a huge benefit and allows for superior fit and function from teeny-tiny-fresh-babies to I-can't-wait-till-this-kid-is-outta-diapers toddlers. The soaker pad is super versatile and sticks in using our patented magic buttons either folded or flat depending on how you want to tailor the fit.

I can't even tell you how many blow outs were saved in the testing phase by these excellent little double leg gussets that we have at the sides either! On the outside we have cased gentle elastic and then on the inside we have a really nice and soft fabric covered elastic over a fluid proof barrier fabric to keep EVERYTHING contained! Try matching that with a sposie! Not gonna happen!

Anyway, we have to leave something for the reviews but trust me! You're are really really gonna love this diaper! I promise!

Now let's talk about washing it and all of your other house hold laundry. If you decide to use laundry detergent you are gonna want to make sure that you steer clear of chlorinated bleach (will wear the elastic a lot faster) and try to avoid fabric softener as it will put a residue on the diapers that will hinder the absorption. In one of our earlier blog posts we discussed the SmartKlean laundry ball and it is a fantastic option for washing diapers and everything else. It's also gonna save you a TON of cash!This little laundry ball will take what ever you can throw at it! I Seriously feel like the Sham-Wow guy right now. Oh well, it's awesome! I found this little Laundry Ball about two years ago and I am now on my second laundry ball. It literally does exactly what it says it will. No detergent required. I wash diapers and all my regular items and they are all perfectly clean! Honestly I was very skeptical at first but then my son who had had eczema for the longest time started to clear up and no has none and my own skin has become less irritated as well. Not to mention we are all clean and none of us smell like hobos!

So, those are the two things I wanted to touch on today! I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings!

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  1. Bought it, tried it, and loved it! I used it on my dog's dirty ol blanket and it is now as clean as it is when I use detergent but without all the scary chemicals.